Original and
distinctive designs

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Initial Contact


The customer will have decided where they would like the glasswork to be located.


First Consultation


I meet up with the customer to discuss ideas that may have and to assess the site, age, building, existing colour scheme and light levels etc.  Take photographs for reference.


At this stage, with new commissions I go away and come up with a few scaled drawings based on the discussion with the client.  A design fee would be charged for this work.


Second Consultation


An opportunity for them to view my drawings, changes to be made etc.


If a design is chosen at this stage we can then go on to choice of glass and colours.


Once the design, colours and types of glass to be used have been finalized the total cost is established.  Construction can then begin back at the studio. For further details on the construction please see ‘Techniques Section’.


A fee of 30% of the total price is also payable at this stage.


Delivery & Installation


The glass will be delivered to site and fitted by ourselves.

Site Map
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