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Stained Glass


Stained Glass is often confused with leaded lights. The surface of the glass is painted, and then it is fired in a kiln, which is how the name ‘stained glass’ got its name.  It can be, and is often used in leaded light windows, particularly those in ecclesiastical settings.









Leaded Lights


Leaded lights are an arrangement of coloured glass held together by lead caming, they are then soldered together and cemented once constructed, the glass has not had any surface alteration, (i.e. staining or etching) in any way apart from cutting it to size to fit the cartoon (pattern).









Etched and Sandblasted Glass


Acid (etching) glass eats away portions of flashed glass (the top colour is eaten away, whilst the bottom one shows through), leaving other areas in relief, whilst sandblasted glass which gives a similar effect is a different process.

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